Afterbirth Cartoons is a steady explosion of sardonic beat punk from Phoenix.

Alvah (xe/they - guitar/vocals), Galatea Clementine (she/they - bass, vocals), and Mathaniel (they/them - drums/vocals) were 90’s kids who grew up on a steady diet of Nicktoons, Ninja Turtles, Heathcliff, and Power Puff Girls which turned them into stoner, queer deviants and social justice warriors who are fighting the good fight through three-chord punk fucking rock. 

They are influenced by everything from Nirvana and Dead Kennedys to Tenacious D and the Beat Generation. Their music is straight-forward, earnest, and biting as they strike out at everything wrong with the world.

Over the past 3 years of releasing music, the band has over a quarter million streams and has scored gigs at Whisky A Go-Go opening for Agent Orange (Epitaph Records) and a headlining show at Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco) as well as packed punk and DIY venues across the west. 

For press inquiries and interview requests, contact Galatea Clementine at