Afterbirth Cartoons is a steady explosion of sardonic beat punk from Phoenix.

Alvah, G and Matt were 90’s kids who grew up on a steady diet of Nicktoons, Ninja Turtles, Heathcliff, and Power Puff Girls which turned them into stoner, queer deviants and social justice warriors who are fighting the good fight through three-chord punk fucking rock. 

They are influenced by everything from Nirvana and Dead Kennedys to Tenacious D and the Beat Generation. Their music is straight-forward, earnest, and biting as they strike out at everything wrong with the world.

Their 2020 EP “1939” consists of 4 tracks and 15 minutes of flipping the bird to capitalism, war, fascists, and the stupidity of society as a whole. 2022's “Sick Day” is a concept album about hating your job and calling in sick to waste the day watching TV. Complete with sarcastic parodies of everything from daytime talk shows, public service announcements and commercials to the news, the whole album is a call to action for the labor movement happening in real time.

After two successful tours headlining packed punk and DIY venues across the west coast in 2022, including gigs opening for Agent Orange (Epitaph Records) at the Whisky a-Go-Go (Los Angeles) and headlining at Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco), the band is ready to release its second LP, "Fever Dream."

It's a concept album about having friends over to smoke weed, play video games, and make fun of all that is fucked up in the world. Punk at its core and packed with sarcastic parody skits, funky melodies, and hardcore riffs, “Fire Flower” incorporates more new wave sounds than its first album and is sure to give your head a spin.