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High Quality audio CD and 8 page color booklet of Afterbirth Cartoons’ first full length LP Sick Day

Released on the first day of 2022, Sick Day is a concept album about hating your job and calling in sick to waste the day watching TV. Each track is a different TV timeslot throughout the day and each song and skit skewers television mainstays with sarcastic parodies of everything from daytime talk shows, public service announcements and commercials to the news. There is also a straight-up punk rock cover of the “Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats”. The album is rounded out with traditional evening “sign off” with Afterbirth Cartoons’ take on the National Anthem. The whole album is a call to action for the labor movement happening in real time. So call in sick to work/school and give it a listen or three.

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