Latest Album: Fire Flower

It's a concept album about having friends over to smoke weed, play video games, and make fun of all that is fucked up in the world. Punk at its core and packed with sarcastic parody skits, funky melodies, and hardcore riffs, “Fire Flower” incorporates more new wave sounds than its first album and is sure to give your head a spin. 

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Afterbirth Cartoons @ 12x12 Festival 2024

12x12 Festival 2024, Tucson, AZ

At Blondies on Stone. Local vintage vendors and build your own waffle station in the morning and early afternoon hours. Rotating food vendors through our the day.
The music lineup
Christopher Stryker 10-10:20AM
Flicker 10:20-11AM
Little Cat 11-11:20AM
Sherbet and Champagne:20-12PM
Joshua Butcher 12-12:20PM
The Working People 12:20-1PM
Abes Bones 1-1:20PM
Spank 1:20-2PM
Grand Voodoo Band 2-2:20PM
Human Sounds 2:20-3PM
Nelene Deguzman 3-3:20PM
Gutter Town 3:20-4PM
Oh Black Sea 4-4:20PM
Afterbirth Cartoons 4:20-5PM
Jessie Williams 5-5:20PM
New Misphoria 5:20-6PM
Golden Boots 6-6:20PM
Fatigo 6:20-7PM
Hieronymus Bogs 7-7:20PM
Female Gaze 7:20-8PM
Holy Faint 8-8:20PM
Barefoot on Bumblebees 8:20-9PM
Mike Montoya 9-9:20PM
AJJ 9:20-10PM